Would you be willing to support a local clean energy project?
Your voice will make a difference.

Climate emergency is now, it is happening, and we need change. From the Government’s Energy Security Strategy (published April 2022) to publications from the Climate Change Committee, they are all saying the same thing.

We need a diverse and flexible mix of energy solutions, generating cheaper, cleaner energy produced in the UK.

Somerset Council's strategic priorities include carbon neutrality by 2030, and Bluebell Wood Solar Farm could help the Council achieve its target to contribute towards lower energy bills for the community.

According to a poll of residents across all British constituencies published on 7th September more than 77% of Britons back renewable technologies to tackle the rise in energy costs.

The polling shows strong support across the board for building new wind and solar farms which generate electricity much more cheaply than currently high-priced gas. 76% of all those polled supported offshore wind, 81% backed solar and 74% were in favour of onshore wind.

There are plenty of reasons that public support for renewable energy has been climbing. No matter your reasons for embracing renewable energy, you may wonder how you can show your support, here’s how.

Send an email to your local councillor showing your support

Add your name, address and postcode below and click the 'Add your details to email' button. Then scroll down to see a selection of options of ways to send your support.

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Option 3: Visit your council planning application portal

Finally you add your details directly to your local council's planning application portal and add your support there.

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